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The site the data, administrations, and different materials contained in that are given and worked by Ras Career Institute Pvt Ltd (alluded to as "we", "us" or "Uptop"). uptop offers arranged and exceptionally planned advanced education and industry-important projects.

If it's not too much trouble, survey our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and different approaches accessible on the Platform (on the whole the "Terms") that administer the utilization of the Platform and Programs. Each Program will have a standard arrangement of terms managing discounts, deferrals, installments, and so forth overseeing such Program and our corporate customers might have executed separate composed concurrences with us, which, in case of a contention, will supplant these Terms to the degree of the clashing arrangements. These Terms will apply to UpTop facilitated WhatsApp gatherings, Facebook gatherings, Instagram pages, Facebook pages, email/SMS/telephone interchanges, and other online media discussions facilitated by UpTop which will be considered to be essential for the 'Stage' by reference. You recognize that specific pieces of the Platform, as referenced above, are given by outsider specialist organizations, and you consent to submit to their agreements. UpTop will not be answerable for any disturbance of administrations brought about by such outsider specialist organizations.

Kindly note that the utilization of the Platform and Programs establishes an unlimited consent to follow and be limited by the Terms. Despite the fact that you may "bookmark" a specific piece of the Platform and consequently sidestep these Terms, your utilization of the Platform actually ties you to these Terms.

We might change these Terms every now and then without earlier notification. You should audit this page consistently. You proceed with utilization of the Platform and Programs later changes have been caused will to be taken to demonstrate that you have perused and acknowledged those changes. You ought not to utilize the Platform or Programs assuming that you are not content with any progressions to these Terms.

UpTop makes no portrayals that the Platform works (or are lawfully allowed to work) in every geographic region, or that the Platform or data, administrations, or items presented through the Platform are proper or accessible for use in different areas. Getting to the Platform from domains where the Platform or any substance or usefulness of the Platform or parcels thereof is illicit, is explicitly restricted. Assuming you decide to get to the Platform, you concur and recognize that you do as such on your drive and at your own danger and that you are exclusively liable for consistency with every pertinent law.

Client Conduct Policy

Regardless of whether you have selected for a Program or essentially perusing the Platform, whenever you have gotten to the Platform or Programs, you will be viewed as a 'client' for these Terms. You are answerable for every one of your exercises regarding the utilization of the Platform and Programs. You thus consent to completely conform to all material nearby, commonplace, state, public and unfamiliar laws, deals, and guidelines regarding such use. You will not retreat to any deceptive practices while utilizing the Platform.

Without limit, you won't post or send, or cause to be posted or sent, any correspondence or requesting or other "phishing", "pharming" or "whaling" message planned or expected to get a secret phrase, account, individual data, classified data or private data from any client of the Platform or some other outsider at all. Be that as it may, assuming any such occasion happens, UpTop will not be obligated for any misfortune in the information or then again assuming that the client's gadget, PC, or some other property is compromised in any way.

You recognize and concur that UpTop has the privilege to report any dubious or criminal behavior to the fitting legitimate or police specialists without notice to you.

During your utilization of the Platform and Programs, you will not:

  • pester different clients, understudies, participants, support specialists, or guests;
  • undermine any schoolwork task or tests for the Program;
  • won't post an internet based any gotten testing materials;
  • won't share answers for schoolwork tasks or tests; and
  • will advise the teachers promptly on the off chance that you become mindful of some other User cheating or penetrating these Terms, and will agree with the necessities of the particular material set of accepted rules, assuming any, relating straightforwardly to a Program where such client is enlisted.
  • Client won't spy through counterfeit talks or acting phony client and deliberately assembling data from the stage or any UpTop worker.

Endless supply of the Program charges – to a limited extent or entire relying upon the Program, UpTop will convey the terms of utilization of the Program and will concede you admittance to the Program. The receipt might be given to you along with the email affirmation or inside two (2) months from thereon. This will be verification of conveyance against the effective installment of charges.

Inferable from specific excellent conditions, assuming UpTop has conceded you admittance to a Program forthcoming installment, and UpTop doesn't get installments inside the specified periods, UpTop may, at its carefulness pull out your admittance to the Program, without giving any earlier notification.

You concur that you won't ever unveil or share admittance to your User Account, with any outsider under any circumstance. You likewise concur that you will make, use, or potentially access just a single User Account and that you won't utilize any User Account other than your own.

In setting up your User Account, you might be provoked or need to enter extra data, including however not restricted to your name and email address. Extra data might be needed to affirm your character. You comprehend and concur that all data given by you is exact, current, and complete and that you will keep up with and update your data to keep it precise, current, and complete. You recognize that assuming any data given by you is false, incorrect, not current, or inadequate, we claim all authority to end your utilization of the Platform and your enrolment in a Program, to the degree pertinent.

Notwithstanding the enrollment cycle, as a component of your utilization of the Platform or interest in the Programs, we might get specific data about you and your presence in the Programs. A portion of this data might be actually recognizable data. We might utilize, keep up with, and store this data to offer particular types of assistance to you now and later on and may impart such data to our Educational Partners or outsiders related to such administrations or for advertising. For instance, as additional definite in our Privacy Policy, we might share specific materials or data about you with outsiders, including your grades/scores in our classes.

Admittance to the Programs is confined to participants or understudies that have explicitly been conceded admittance by UpTop.

By enlisting your User Account, you concur that:

  • you are enrolled for the Program just a single time and won't set up various User Accounts, and
  • you will submit to these Terms and any terms explicit to the Program.

Extra prerequisites apply to Students. As a Student, notwithstanding the focuses above, you concur that you are enlisting with the goal to finish the tasks, assuming any, that is important and appropriate to the Platform or Programs for which you have selected.

Limited License

The administrations on the Platform are authorized, not sold. Regarding your consent to these Terms, UpTop awards you an individual, non-selective, non-adaptable, revocable permit to access and utilize the Platform and Programs, exclusively as per the Terms. You won't be permitted to download or duplicate Videos, clasps of meetings anyway will approach 24*7 till the approved period duplicate the segments of the UpTop Content accessible on the Platform,

Without restricting the consensus of the terms over, coming up next are kinds of employments that UpTop explicitly characterizes as falling outside of the meaning of "non-business and individual use ":

  • the client will purchase stretched out admittance to recorded meetings if necessary


The Platform, as well as Programs, might contain typographical blunders or mistakes and may not be finished or current. UpTop, in this way, claims all authority to address any blunders, errors, or exclusions (counting later a request has been submitted) and to change or refresh data whenever without earlier notification. The Platform, Programs, and any data or UpTop Content are given "with no guarantees" and "as accessible" premise with all issues.

Termination of Rights
You concur that UpTop, in its only prudence, may deactivate your record or in any case end your utilization of the Platform or enlistment to a Program with or without reason, including, without constraint, assuming UpTop accepts that you have (a) penetrated the Terms; (b) encroached the protected innovation privileges of an outsider; © posted, transferred or sent unapproved Content on the Platform; or (d) disregarded or acted conflictingly with the letter or soul of these Terms or some other relevant implicit rules. You concur that any deactivation or end of your admittance to the Platforms or Programs might be affected without earlier notification to you and that UpTop will not be responsible to you nor any outsider for any end of your record or enlistment to a Program. You additionally recognize that UpTop might hold and store your data on UpTop's frameworks regardless of any end of your record or enlistment to the Programs.

Any notification or correspondence which might be needed to be given to UpTop under these Terms or any Program explicit terms imparted to you might be sent by composing or messaging to the accompanying locations: