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PG Certification
Alumni Status .
PMI Certification
Industry Experts Mentorship
Live Project
Live Chart Analysis
Weekend Sessions
Zero Cost EMI

Program Overview

MDI (Management Development Institute) Murshidabad will provide you with the solid rudimentary knowledge to manage projects as per budget and projected time. Though most successful companies have specialized tools and automated software, even then most projects tend to go over the budget and take longer time for completion. This course comes up with proven strategies and practical, deep experience of all tools so that you will get desired project outcomes. The program primarily aims to assist the participants in understanding the concept of visualization, strategizing, planning, scheduling and monitoring for the framework of project management. After accomplishing this course, you will be able to manage projects efficiently and effectively in this dynamic business environment. You will learn to improve time budgeting and resource allocation in a better way to complete your project on time and within budget. Agile methodologies and Earned value management (EVM) are included in the project management certification course.

The concepts, mechanisms and language used in project management programs can deliver benefits to all types and sizes of businesses or projects. We have an experienced leading faculty and best mentors who have profound knowledge about methodologies and technologies used in project management programs and help you to enhance your chances of success by enabling you to resolve problems more quickly as well as deliver projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

At MDI;s online learning platform, uptop comes up with online project management certification courses for individuals and organisations globally. You can learn this course from the comfort of your home, wherever you are from and earn a valuable certificate for the growth of your business. You will get in touch with our tutors who will aid you to establish a structured approach to accomplish a project through clearly defining roles and responsibilities. Online courses will not only save your time and money but also help you maintain a balance between your personal and professional life.

Starts On
July, 2021

5 Months

Program Fee
₹60,000 + GST


Best-in-class content by leading Faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects


  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Project Identification and selection.
  • Project Planning tools.
  • Financial and Cost aspects of Projects.

  • Project Risks Management.
  • Organizational Aspects and People Management for Projects
  • Contracts for project Management.
  • Quality Management in Projects

  • Project Management Information System & Emerging Techniques.
  • Project Performance Measurement and Evaluation.
  • Project Execution and Control.
  • Project Close-out, Termination and Follow-up

  • MS Projects
  • Fish Bone, Control Chart, Pareto Diagrams.
  • Gantt & Milestone charts.
  • Trello for Agile Approach.
  • Agile, CPM, PERT.
  • 50+
    Expert SESSIONS

    Weekly Projects

    Programming Languages and Tools Covered

    Diverse Batch Profile

    Answer: Executives into project management roles who plan to specialize in project management and wants to develop an integrated Agile Project Management approach. A certified project management expert is high in demand.

    Answer: Project management certification program deliver strong understanding around project management emerging processes tool, trending techniques & lean methodologies. Further, it exposes the participants to best practices and emerging trends in project Management.

    Answer: Certified project management professionals have demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to lead complex projects and direct project teams. It’s more of difference between a Regular Resource & Specialist.

    • GroUP with friends will get the entire group monitory benefits, your counsellor will give you more information on it.
    • Take this opportunity as part time job and earn regular basis. On every enrollment you will have a pay cheque credited in your bank account.


    AI enabled job platform, to help you find the best career oppurtunity
    Build a network of like-minded individuals via a powerful
    Showcase your project via a platform for potentials recruiters and investors.
    Get access to curated NEWS and industry trends

    Group Enrollement

    GroUP : Power in Numbers

    Our group enrollment option extends specialized benefits to an individual and offer an opportunity to earn while enrolling in the program. Even if you are not a part of the program and wanted to refer your buddy who will make money for you.

    Under this Group Enrollment Scheme, you can enroll as a group of employees/family members/friends and you could avail a lot of benefits including a customized prize plan, a dedicated personal group during the entire program and a lot more at a very low price per individual.

    Our other objective to initiate GroUP to create part time job opportunities and give boost to Executive Education. The initiative opens up opportunities for those who like to help / mentor others and give right career guidance, while have motivation to earn out of the servies

    So, if you are willing to provide a healthy future to your group but are puzzled about what should you do and where should you go, we have the solution of all your questions!

    Answer: Group enrollment is an initiative specially made for buddies do things together. It is also an opportunity for many wanted to take opportunity as part time job and earn while counselling friends, relatives, colleges and family members.

    Answer: Group enrollment is the best arrangement as it gives an opportunity to an individual to learn in groups, and monetary benefits to brand it look good and beneficial.

    Answer: Your hard work of spreading awareness among your peers will pay you two benefits. One, as become the reason of others career growth and second is the pay cheque. Your will have cash

    • GroUP with friends will get the entire group monitory benefits, your counsellor will give you more information on it.
    • Take this opportunity as part time job and earn regular basis. On every enrollment you will have a pay cheque credited in your bank account.


    PGC Executive Project Management

    Earn recognized POST GRADUATE certificate from MDI M on successful completion of all evolutions. Your PGC will have achieved GRADE mentioned along with the Alumni status of MDI M.

    • PGC will aid you to shape a better career ahead, advance in your career and add consistency to your long-term employment prospects.
    • Continued development will convince employers and your professional peers that you're qualified, updated and well in alignment with emerging trends.
    • Continuing learning will demonstrate your commitment and focus to your professional career, that you are willing to invest in your future and that will encourage an employer / hiring manager to pick you first.

    “the one is not the strongest that survives, neither the smartest that survives, however the one most approachable to adapt, develop & improvise”.

    Participation certificae from uptop

    Complete all the courses successfully to obtain this prestigious recognition from MDI Murshidabad

    Get a MBA (Global) Degree from Top 1% of Business Schools Worldwide

    Graduate from a B-School with dual accreditation - AACSB and EQUIS

    Learn industry relevant skills to enhance your career

    Admission Process

    Online Application Open

    Screening & Shortlisting


    Final Apporoval





    No Cost EMI at ₹15,000/month
    (Applicable to people residing in India)

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    9 M

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    18 M

    Loan Interest

    10% of Principle

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    What’s Included in the Price?

    Benefits/ Features
    • Post Graduate Certificate from MDI M.
    • PMI accredited certificate.
    • Alumni status of MDI M.
    • Live projects to participate.
    • Case based learning.
    • Career support.
    • Zero cost EMI’s to completement financial aid.
    • Campus visit fee will be over an above the total program fee.

    Frequently Asked questions ❓

    If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
    everything you might want to know. Let us help!

    Answer: Fill the online profile application, answer the important questions to let selection committee know more about your profile, Application fee is applicable.

    Answer: Yes, you do have chance to appear for scholarship, Please establish a contact with a strategic counselor for more information on it.

    Answer: You can beak the entire program fee in 3 part payments and pay OR may go for education loan facility and go for 1 year , 2 years EMI options.

    Answer: It is all technology driven hence you need to have basic internet , a laptop, tablet , mobile with active CAM and MIC.

    Answer: All sessions are live and interactive hence you will have direct interactions with faculty members, batch mates as all attending the session at one place.

    Answer: You do not have to worry about it as upTop LMS make sure to record every live session and make it available 24*7 in your LMS access. The LMS carry all recoded sessions, program roadmap, study materiel , case studies, PPT, notes, assessments , quizzes , rewards , points, EMI tracker.

    Answer: All live session and campus visit must only be delivered on weekends to make sure not interruption to working schedule.


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