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Key Features

Ans academic pedigree that is respected in the industry and can support to get a better HR.
Learn HR Analytics & Digital era HR skills sought after by leading companies
Be well versed in HR analytics tools and practices
) Structure a business problem into an HR analytics framework using statistics and data modeling.
) Present yourself as an ideal candidate for BPHR, Strategic HR, and HR Analytics roles.
Real-world case studies to build practical skills
Hands-on exposure to Strategic HR and HR analytics.
Award-winning world-class faculty and industry experts

Program Overview

The curriculum is divided into six modules. Module-I introduces Human behavior in organizations; we cover theories, applications, and contemporary research on aspects of human behavior such as attitudes, values, personality, emotional intelligence, and leadership and the manner in which these influence organizational effectiveness. Module-II encompasses macro-organizational issues such as organizational structure, culture, design, and the manner in which these are influenced by contingencies such as strategy, technology, etc, and also ways in which organizations adapt to and manage change. Module-III is about Human Resource Management covering among others Talent, Talent Acquisition, Performance management, Compensation and Benefits, Learning and Development, and Employee Relations. These modules are in agreement with the syllabus suggested by SHRM and HRCI. The program shall help one to move towards HR Analytics, HR Business Partnering role.

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27th March

11 Months

Program Fee

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Best-in-class content by leading Faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects


  • Trends Shaping in HRM
  • HRM as Strategic Function
  • Scope of HRM In Digital Era
  • Contemporary Organizational Issues facing HRM
    WorkForce Management Part 1
  • Integrated nature of the talent management Process
  • Process of Job Analysis
  • New Age digital Job Descriptions write job descriptions and job specifications
  • Workforce Planning
  • Human Capital Supply, Demand Gap & Strategic Analysis
  • Markov Chain, Scatter Plot , Trend Analysis
    WorkForce Management Part 2
  • Data Driven Techniques for Employment Planning & Forecasting
  • Measurements for effective Recruitment
  • Various sources of recruitment (MIX Hiring )
  • Categories of Selections Assessments
  • Different Talent Retention Approaches
    WorkForce Management Part 3
  • Performance Management VS Recruitment Appraisal
  • Data Driven Performance Appraisals & its process desing
  • Performance Appraisal Methods
  • Design Competitive Compensation System
  • Analysis to examine pay for performance issues
  • Design Systematic Learning and Development processes
  • Instructional System Design
  • Various Training Methods
  • Effectiveness of traning process
  • Career Planning & Development Management
  • Employee Training & Development Analytics
    Employee Relations Management (IR)
  • Employee and Labor Relation
  • Stakeholders in employee relations
  • Changing of employer - employee relationship
  • Legislative , Regulatory and Compliance process
    Stratergy HRM
  • HR in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • HR impact on in Culture
  • HRIS
  • HR Shared Services

    Behavior Analytics
  • Scope of HBO
  • Determinates of employee Behavior
  • Biographical characteristics and their impact
  • Important analysis of Influencing individual Behavior
  • Formation of Values & Attitudes, Work Ethics
  • Values across culture - Schwartz Scale
  • Job Satisfaction, OCB
    People Analytics
  • Personality Frameworks Study
  • Personality dimensions Impacting work culture
  • Measuring Personality process
  • Person - Job fit methodology
  • MBTI , BIG 5, Dark Triad
  • Locus of Control & Achievement Orientation
    Decision Making & Perceptions
  • Influence Decision Making
  • Perpetual errors Manager / leaders encounter
  • Attribution Theory
    Motivation Process Frameworks
  • AMO FrameWork
  • Maslow's Hierarchy of needs
  • 2-Fector theory
  • Equity theory /li>
  • Expectancy theory
  • Job design & Job characteristic Model.
  • Design reward system to improve employee behavior at work
    Emotional Intelligence
  • Transactional Analysis
  • FIRO-B
  • Johari Window, IPR
  • EI Framework
  • Improving EI
    Contemporary challenges Managing Team Virtually (Pandemic Special )
  • Necessary for effective self - managed units
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Contingency theories of leadership
  • Fiedler, Path Goal, Situational
  • Contemporary approaches to leadership
  • Transactional and Transformational Leadership (LMX)
  • Situational different leadership approaches

  • Internal determinants of Organization and Designing
  • Organigrams & Different type of structures
  • Interpreting Organization chart
  • External determinants of Organizing and Design
  • Environment & Strategy Organization Designs
  • Design for innovations
  • Conflict, Power & Politics
  • Emerging forms of Organization Design - Agile
    Organizational Transformation
  • Designing organization for continuous adaptation
  • Use of ML & AI for Transformation

  • Data Analytic for HR Metrics & Processes
  • Predicting Performance
  • People Analytics Practices
  • HR Valuations
  • HR DashBoard
  • Making Data Driven HR KPI's
  • Jon Analysis
  • Competency Mapping
  • Predictive Analytics to Optimize Employee Wellness
  • Retention Data Mapping to explore causes and solutions
  • Data Driven Best Strategy Making
  • Issue Identification and Problem Solving
  • Data Aggregating and Summarizing Data
  • Data Visualization using esquisse and GGPLOTs
  • Data Visualization using Plotly R

  • learn ML algorithms for HR process automations
  • HR Processes Automation
  • HR datasets; create different models
  • compare them and select the best. Hyper-parameter tuning is also performed automatically

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(Applicable to people residing in India)

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Benefits/ Features
  • Post Graduate Certificate from MDI M.
  • HRCI globally accredited certificate.
  • Live projects to participate.
  • Case based learning.
  • Career support.
  • Zero cost EMI’s to complement financial aid.
  • Campus visit fee will be over an above the total program fee.