Best HR Certification for the New Age HR

HR professionals are the front-line employees of an organization; With all the dynamic changes coming around due to the covid-19 pandemic, the world has witnessed a tectonic shift in all aspects of human life. This has resulted in employees working from home to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

This scenario calls for reskilling and upskilling of value proposition, revitalization of skills design thinking deployment for HR professionals. Earning the right certification can help.

The New Age HR Professional has more power to build real changes by implementing talent initiatives at the strategic & tactical level. As HR Professionals move into a swift action mode multitasking has been an essential part of the HR journey too.

"Bring focus on Executive education and help many struggling at mid-career stage. " - Ken Robinson

The Roles of an HR Professional has evolved as a medley of 3 roles:

1. Strategic Partner

When HR collaborates with the C-Suite the needs of the business changes into actions of human resources; then the actions help businesses achieve their goals.

2. Employee Advocate

This advocacy includes expertise in how to create a work environment in which people will tend to be motivated, contributing & happy.

3. Keeping Up with new age certifications

Certifications help in adding value in an HR professional to build them into seasoned HR professionals.

Certification programmes help you think critically, grow and evolve as a seasoned professional. Let’s get introduced to a few certifications here:

Best Mid - Level HR Certification:

SPHRi (Senior Professional In Human Resources)

This certification is for seasoned HR professionals those who are looking for adding leadership skills for enhancing their careers. This particular programme offers you with the insights of Business Leadership, Talent development & Management and HR service delivery practices

Best Global HR Certification:

GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources)

This certification is recommended for HR professionals working with International teams. Earn a GPHR Certification from HRCi a world wide recognized university offering HR specializations. The curriculum helps you build your expertise for multinational HR responsibilities, strategies of global development of HR policies & initiatives that support global growth.

"The only waste of human resources is letting them go unused" -Mark Victor Hansen

The message is loud and clear that HR Professionals have to evolve & transform with the new set of organizational needs. Amidst the covid chaos evolving with certifications will only help with the success of the organization and help build the new age HR Professional.