A detailed view about us.

The speedy pace of universal revolution compels working professionals not only to gain mastery in current trends, digital transformations and platforms but also to be able to connect that knowledge to their daily job. The ability to adapt and learn evolving trends can often unlock the next step in career advancement.

We are a dedicated platform for working professionals to help them to adapt, overcome, improvise and stay UP on the TOP as continuous learning is the key to maintaining a competitive edge and achieve rapid career growth.

Concept upTop

The concept is just not to offer rapid executives development programs but to make professionals self-aware about different career stages and the need of continued development also helping working professionals to self-realize the essential of filling the gaps to have a swift career growth.

The principle of executive education is not to follow traditional learnings but welcoming the right set of combinations in the development programs well aligned with the industry needs.

We do believe that the executive programs cannot be uniform or traditional but have to be aligned with emerging industry inclinations as executives require highly actionable insights, frameworks, and strategies to apply in their own roles and processes which will empower them to meaningfully contribute to the success of their organizations and to their career growth.

As per the research and surveys the most critical stage among all has been identified as the MID Career and in few
cases the establishment. This is the stage where many have experienced slow growth or begin to decline.

At this point in a career, one is expected to have moved beyond apprenticeship to worker-status. Those who make a successful transition assume greater responsibilities and get rewards. For others, it may be a time for reassessment, job changes, adjustment of priorities or the pursuit of alternative lifestyles.

Why Us and What we do?

A survey says, that Indians are the most ambitious lot in the world with eight of ten employees in the country likely to move to another organization. It indicates that India has the maximum employee mobility in the world. Executives at the career stages of Establishment and Mid-career most likely the one makes movements due to not able to make place in the current organization hence they look out for opportunities.

A study says the gap is self-realization and understanding on importance of remain industry relevant while staying renewed and developed with new emerging techniques, methodologies and technologies.

Therefore, upTop started in the year of 2012 with a vision of supporting executive at different career stages and offer development courses to professionals to build them stronger, industry relevant and aid to through the most difficult levels of career life cycle.

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Learn from world renowned faculty members.

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Adapt Learn Overcome Improvise is the team moto


"Build a platform to let every working professional analyze the gaps and seal
them on time to not let the growth arrow come down."


"Bring focus on Executive education and help many straggling at mid-career stage. "

“Denial to continues development declares you outdated”

Abhijeet Anand


More than 25 year of HR service. Served brands like GE, Allianz, TATA and many startups. He is an Alum XLRi and part of many career consulting forms.

“Continues career growth demands for continues development”

Ajay Singh

Concept Lead, upTop

Being from HR fraternity I have seen careers struggling and ending up losing the control and blaming the ground rather the skillset. It’s time to questions ourselves and skill the gaps to strive in career. We build what can built your career.