How does HRCI Certification set you ahead from the peer group of HR professionals?

HRCI stands for Human Resources Certification Institute. It is a premier organization for Human Resources professionals. HRCI develops world-class learning programs and also offers eight world-class certifications for achieving new competencies that drive compelling business results.

HR Departments play a key role in developing, reinforcing, and changing the culture of an organization. They make sure the workflow goes smooth and each one stays updated thoroughly.

HR has evolved as per the changing times through this pandemic, this situation has illustrated the true value of HR and has proven the importance of investing in flexible and robust HR processes and structures, but now the time has come for HR to reimagine not only its own future but also the future of the business/enterprise.

In today’s world, the core of business progress is “intelligence” of its people; and the real capital of the businesses is its “intellectual capital

Certifications and specializations in HR are key to driving your own future and the organization’s future as well.

Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t have to.

-Sir Richard Branson

Let’s now have some insights from one of the most influential Global HR Professional…

In an interview of Donna Morris- The Chief People Officer, Walmart, published by HR Digest, let’s go through a few of her valuable experiences from Walmart:

How has the Covid-19 crisis impacted Walmart’s Business Priorities and People Priorities?

She replied as a people's team, we have focussed on the well-being of our associates, including implementing new benefits & programs, such as the COVID-19 Emergency Leave Policy, implementing a 24-hour hiring process to support the demand for associates in our stores, clubs, and facilities, and supporting our campus office associates as they moved to remote work. She says I am incredibly proud of all that has been accomplished with the focus first & foremost on our associates and enabling the business to meet the needs of our customers and communities.

A key lesson learned from one of the most influential HR Leaders is that HR professionals should be open to “disrupt or be disrupted.” HR professionals really need to evaluate what should start, stop or continue and be comfortable with making changes focused on enabling the success of the business and people. Upskilling themselves will help them develop the right skills to accept and deliver the changes comfortably.


Now the question arises is it worth going for HRCI certification?

Important Benefits of HRCI Certification:

  1. Networking Opportunities: 

HRCI certification develops your networking paradigms. There are more than 1 lakh HRCI certified professionals competing with their expertise gained with their peers in their organizations.

  1. Salary Hike: 

On an average HRCI certified professional earns a higher salary as compared to their peers in their respective organizations. The certification builds a skilled and seasoned HR professional; thereby increasing their competency further which then leads to an increase in their median pay.

  1. Boosting Confidence:

In recent years, there has been a growing appreciation of the benefits of HR credentials among HR professionals. Increasing competition for HR jobs means that more and more employers are listing HR certification as “required” rather than “preferred” on their job postings. The increasing number of certified HR professionals indicates that this type of credential is now seen as fundamental for HR professionals facing complex challenges in their careers. HRCI makes them stay ahead of the crowd by providing HR professionals with credible certifications thereby boosting their confidence.

  1. Possibility of promotions:

Payscale.com reports that HR professionals with HRCI certification (either PHR or SPHR) are more likely to receive a promotion within five years, as well as earn more money. Depending on your role in HR, having a certification can increase the chance of being promoted by as much as 37%.

  1. Manifests Knowledge:

An HRCI certification demonstrates that you have met the benchmarks and have knowledge of the profession. Over the last 10 years, getting certified has become increasingly valuable to HR professionals from a pay perspective and a career acceleration perspective.

HR certification helps with career progression

Job Title

Without Any Certifications

With at Least One Certification

% Increase in Odds of Promotion

Human Resources (HR) Assistant




Human Resources (HR) Administrator




Human Resources (HR) Generalist




Human Resources (HR) Manager




Human Resources (HR) Director




Vice President (VP), Human Resources (HR)




The degree to becoming certified impacts pay and career development for HR professionals varies from job levels, geographies, industries & right certification. In today’s changing times, it’s very essential to understand that now is “The Moment” for HR/people functions. Specialization will always enhance your skills, try finding out which certification will really benefit you over the others once you’re really sure of it only then choose one and make a difference from the peers of your organization.